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°You must be 18 years of age, a U.S. Citizen and a resident of the county in which you serve.

°Jurors will be paid $10.00 for each day of service.  Jurors living outside of the city limits will be reimbursed mileage at the state rate.  A meal allowance will be paid to those jurors chosen to serve.

°Jury pools are selected at random from a list of licensed drivers provided by the state.

°You will not be required to serve as a juror more than once in a 12-month period.

°The 31st Judicial District will accommodate anyone wishing to serve as a juror. Please indicate your needs when returning your questionnaire.  If you have a disability, you may request relief from serving as a juror if the service creates a hardship.  

°Jury service is the duty of all citizens, including employers and employees. Employers must not reprimand you for jury service.  If needed, District Court will provide documentation of your attendance for your employer.

°You will be summonsed 20 days prior to the date that your service is required.

°Please call the District Court office if you have any questions about your jury service.

°Cases are often settled or continued prior to trial.  To determine whether you need to appear for jury service, you should call the District Court office on the evening prior to your scheduled jury service as instructed on your jury summons.